6 Pool Maintenance Tips for Smart Homeowners

Keeping your pool clean isn’t difficult nor costly nor laborious. You only need to be a little smart and take the right steps on a regular basis,to make sure it remains clean and hygienic.


Vacuum your pool

Vacuum your pool at least once a week to keep it clean looking great. You don’t need any special equipment for it. Use your regular vacuum or get a vacuum robot to do it for you. But remember, leaving it as is will trigger accumulation of debris, which requires professional cleaning.


Skim and scrub like crazy

Skimming the leaves and debris off the water surface should be done daily, or at least, once every 48 hours. But that is not enough. You also need to scrub the walls at least once a month It will make sure there is no debris or algae buildup. Pay greater attention in the corners. And it will also keep your pool looking insta-ready.


Rethink your filter

Running that filter alone is not enough to keep it clean. You need to backwash from time to time. Check the instruction manual and Google how to do it. It usually involves rotating the filter and letting the motor run for a while.


Maintain the chemical levels

Your pool needs consistent chemical levels. It isn’t enough to get the water tested once and hop on autopilot. Buy some testing kits and check the chemical levels. If you find anything inconsistent with recommended levels, make the amends as needed.


Shock your pool

If you’re not aware already, it involves draining most of your pool’s water and adding higher levels of chlorine to kill the bacteria. Then, you raise the water level slowly until the chemical level normalizes. But don’t do it too often as it can damage the sidings of your pool.


Check the water level

This one goes without saying. The water level should be about half of the opening of your skimmer. If it is not, add more water. If it is much more than that, drain some. And do not forget to check the chemical levels once you’ve managed to get it where it needs to be.